RECYCLAZUR – Metal recycling & treatment for copper recycling

We have the equipment required to recycle metals. Our company deals with processing the raw materials (copper) in order to promote the production of new objects (materials, jewelry, cars etc).

Did you know ?

Abandoned in nature, steel rusts and takes between 5 & 10 years to disappear! The same is true for other metals; scrap, aluminum, copper and others. After a careful sorting of these metals, they are then crushed, rolled and washed in order to be melted and purified to be finally transformed into raw material intended for the creation of new products.

Electric cable crusher

Here is a video of the RECYCLAZUR electric cable crusher in action.

This shredder transforms electrical cables into quality copper granules.

A result conducive to recycling since it greatly facilitates the creation of new objects. Recycling is the future, let’s preserve it!

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